Without a doubt, the Light switches are an essencial component in the installation of a home. Choosing the design and finding a cheap price of electrical switches and plugs takes a long time to know which ones will fit better our needs, decorations, utility, etc.

Are you looking where to buy switches and electrical sockets?

Here you are the solution, colors and shapes when choosing. In electricalsupp.com we have the widest range of types and models to shop sockets and switches. Different manufacturers offer a wide variety of colors and qualities. You can see some of the brands we work with and the most demanded ones by our customers for their electrical installations.

Light sockets and switches 

First of all, a wide catalogue of Niessen switches and sockets: No doubt it is their best range, with high-quality sockets is the Niessen olas series. Also we can see the series of Tacto plugs, with oval-shaped buttons which make them unique, pleasant to the eyesight and to the Tacto. The Niessen Zenit have smaller square buttons and covers square than any normal series, but at...

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