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  • ABB

    ABB (acronym of) Asea Brown Boveri) is a multinational corporation, whose headquarters is in Zurich, Switzerland and whose major businesses are electric power generation and industrial automation technologies. The Group ABB  operates in more than 100 countries and employs more than 124,000 people.

    Within this electrical group, we can highlight the brand of Switches & electrical sockets Niessen. Offering the high quality and guarantee of a multinational. Without a doubt, one of the best ones within this sector.

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  • Aiscan

    The manufacturer of electrical conduit Aiscan offers recessed, surface and corrugated tubes using high quality materials for their manufacture.

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  • ALG

    Antonio Lopez Garrido, S.A. (ALG) is a team of professionals dedicated and specialized in the distribution and marketing of innovative components and electrical supplies, electronic items, lamps and LED systems for the lighting industry.

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  • Beneito & Faure

    In Beneito & Faure high quality LED lighting, lead by their brilliant design and constant technological innovation in systems of LED lighting. From their development and design centrer in Barcelona, they create lamps, LED, flood lights, downlights and accessories for lighting, that thanks to the best distributors and customers, allow to be present all over the world. 

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  • Bizline

    They are specialized in equipment and supplies that are  essential for our daily work. Bizline sells their products in ABM REXEL and ERKA, subsidiaries of the Rexel group, world leader in distribution of electrical supplies.
    The brand Bizline proposes a complete range of electrical supplies, fasteners, tools, electroportatil, electrical equipment and equipment for work and protection.

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  • BJC

    The Siemens factory in Rubí has become a production center of strategic small electrical materials for Europe, once BJC was integrated in the operational structure of Siemens in June 2008. This manufacturer stands out by their switches and sockets.

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  • BTicino

    With a great number of plants and installations of production in Italy and abroad, as well as a successful well-known name, the brand is present in more than 60 countries around the world. It has been part of the Legrand group since 1989. The acquisition of BTicino by Legrand has given the first one a well known brand name that represents, at an international level, the best traditions of design and production of electrical items, especially wiring devices.

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  • Cree

    Cree is one of the largest manufacturers of LED lighting. Their quality is second to none, with products of maximum performance and efficiency in lumens.

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  • daisalux

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  • Dinuy

    The beginning of DINUY S.A. date from September 1948, starting their activity as electromechanical manufacturers, dedicated to the manufacture of electric equipment, transformers, dimmers, motors, etc.

    Their commitment to the environment has led them to develop a wide range of electrical installation products focused on the energy saving, as well as smart, in order to take advantage of the natural conditions in all facilities and minimize the consumption of electrical energy.

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  • Efapel

    Efapel, Manufacturer of electrical items, is leader in Portugal and Spain. With its Logus 90 series the Efapel switches and sockets, they offer high quality at good price. Different models and references available in our online catalogue. Switches, sockets, outlets, push buttons...

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  • EGI

    EGI manufactures and distributes the best and most complete audio, intercom and range of PA products for home, commercial and industrial facilities.

    · Home automation, intercom and audio for domestic installations. 
    · InterCom assistance systems for homes and hospitals. 
    · Intercom, public address and sound systems for commercial and public facilities. 
    · Speakers and acoustic diffusers. 
    · Sound and lighting in the same product.

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