Electronic switch 8141.4 series Olas Arco and Tacto View larger

Electronic switch 8141.4 series Olas Arco and Tacto

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      • Switch motion sensor electronic n8141.4 valid mechanism for the series of Niessen: wave, Arch and Tacto


      • mechanism niessen 8141.4 installation in universal box (search for reference vil544)
      • Valid for all types of loads
      • For incandescent, fluorescent lamps and electromagnetic and electronic transformers
      • For use with sensor infrared 8241.1
      • 230V ~ / 50 Hz
      • Power: 700 W / VA
      • 3-wire connection.
      • The series Arco NIESSEN is manufactured with insulation resin with high dielectric strength and excellent behaviour at high temperatures, metals stainless or electrochemical treatments that provide the greatest electric coonductividad, resistance to oxidation and deterioration due to external agents
      • Valid for ref 8441 and 8241


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