Digital thermostat 8140.5 series Arco niessen View larger

Digital thermostat 8140.5 series Arco niessen

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      • Digital thermostat n8140.5 valid mechanism for the series of Niessen: wave, Arch and Tacto


    • Mechanisms electric 8140.5 for installation in universal box (search for reference vil544)
    • temperature of use: from 0ªC to 50ºc
    • Consumption
    • Digital thermostat that allows you to measure temperatures, and establish different degrees for winter and summer.
    • It also allows determining a night temperature.
    • Super-clear LCD display with blue illumination.
    • Tops available in the wave series, arc, Tacto

    • To mount on mechanisms with reference:
    • Cover thermostat 8240.5BA
    • The series Arco NIESSEN is manufactured with insulation resin with high dielectric strength and excellent behaviour at high temperatures, metals stainless or electrochemical treatments that provide the greatest electric coonductividad, resistance to oxidation and deterioration due to external agents
    • The switching mechanisms are installed when a point of light is operated from two or more sites. In this case the double switch is used when you have to install two switches and there is a single universal box hollow.


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