Corrugated tube cr 40 double bendable View larger

Corrugated tube cr 40 double bendable

asican cr 40
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    Roll black corrugado-forrado tube for ordinary recessed channels in brick (walls, ceilings and false ceilings) holes of construction and protective channels work.

    Supplied in 25 meters roll
    Code: 232132540010
    Composition: Mixed PVC
    Diameter outside: o 32, 5mm
    Compressive strength: > 320 N
    Resistance to the impact: > 2J to-5 ° C
    Minimum and maximum working temperature: - 5 + 60 ° C
    Bendable / transversely elastic
    Dielectric strength: > 2000 V
    Resistance of insulation: > 100 MOhm
    External influences: IP54
    It is not the flame spreader
    Color black
    Each roll carries indicative label of: type, rating, number of meters, standard applicable, "CE marking", instructions for handling and storage, EAN-13 bar code, date, control number and manufacturing line.


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