Corrugated tube cr 20 double bendable View larger

Corrugated tube cr 20 double bendable

asican cr 20
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    Roll tube corrugado-forrado black for pipes embedded ordinary in work of factory (walls, ceilings and false ceilings) hollow of the construction and channel protective of work.

    Is supplied in roll of 100 meters
    Code: 232132540010
    Composition: Mixed PVC
    Diameter outside: o 20, 5mm
    Compressive strength: > 320 N
    Impact resistance: > 2J - 5 ° c
    Minimum and maximum working temperature: - 5 + 60 ° C
    Bendable / transversely elastic
    Rigidity dielectric: > 2000 V
    Insulation resistance: > 100 MΩ
    Influences external: IP54
    It is not the flame spreader
    Color black
    Each roll carries indicative label of: type, rating, number of meters, standard applicable, "CE marking", instructions for handling and storage, EAN-13 bar code, date, control number and manufacturing line.


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