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A great progress in the distribution of electrical supply, and as a result of a constant development, electricity has become one of the main forms of energy used all over the world. These days, the use of electricity allows a constant demand of electrical equipment.

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In any installation, the diversity of materials needed makes a prerequisite to have knowledge about electricity. It is essential to keep safety in mind when we carry out our work. Then, it is important to choose the electrical supplies which offer the highest quality.

Avoiding the shock hazard should be a priority. Therefore we have different tools for electricians insulated up to 1000v, high quality pliers and screwdrivers which give us security for working with this type of items.

The key work within an installation, is to assemble the switches and sockets. In the market there are countless series and models depending on their quality. Manufacturers like Niessen and Simon offer high quality at a very affordable price.

When we start working on the installation, we have to think what kind of electrical items we need. One of the first things to do is to set up recessed conduit where the cables and wire will be placed. It is indispensable to calculate the cross section of the tubes you need because if they are too close together, they may rub each other and they will lose insulation, and this would lead us to a circuit breakers breakdown.

Moreover, it is a good idea to browse all the possibilities we offer you when shopping your electrical boxes and the circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers and (MCB and RCCB) and the consumer units to complete your installation. We have the best brands, such as Schneider or Legrand.

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Nowadays, we have more than 5000 references in our electrical store's catalogue. This helps our customers find where to buy cheap supplies at the best price in the market. Anyway, if you cannot find the item you are looking for, contact us and we will be glad to help you all at amazing online prices all the top brand name products to suit all your needs.

We are characterised by selling halogen-free cables and wire, switches and sockets, LED light bulbs... among many other electrical devices we have available in our store. Please browse through our vast range of products

We are distributors of a great variety of brands and manufacturers of electrical materials, like Niessen, Fermax, Simon, Tegui, Legrand, making easier our installations at home, at the office, in shops or buildings in general without missing any details.

In our shop online, the payment methods allowed to get our devices are: credit card, Paypal and bank transfer. Any of them guarantee secure payment for our customers, avoiding any risk when it comes to purchase any of our products.